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Collegiate church Saint-Martin A place where art tells the story
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Collegiate Church

The collegiate church of St Martin is one of the must-see monuments in Angers. After 20 years of excavations and restoration work, it's nowadays a veritable time machine that allows you to explore 2000 years of history! Come on board and be carried away by this jewel of the Carolingian period...

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Discovering the church - A voyage through the centuries

From the time of the first religious building in the 5th century until recent restorations, each stage of building, extension or transformation can be seen. The architectural history of the church is laid bare in the crypt and on its walls, where you can discover some of the different uses to which the building has been put over the years. Lifting the veil on the church is also to encounter major historical figures such as Count Foulques Nerra or the « Good King René »

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Digging in the church - A whole world of archaeology to discover

The discoveries of archaeologists, evident throughout the church, are given prominence in different areas. In the crypt you can see traces of how the site was occupied in ancient times, together with evidence of the first three religious buildings. Decorative objects found during archaeological excavations are on display in the old sacristy, while the chapel is the ideal place to discover the «world of the dead» and the art of medieval wall painting.

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Admiring the statues – An exceptional collection of statues

In this ideal setting, over 40 master-pieces make up a wonderful permanent collection of Angevin statues. Classified as Historical Monuments, they offer an overview of religious sculpture from the 14th to the 20th centuries .

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Definitions – some key-words

What is a collegiate church ? And a sacraire (« confessio » or « sacristy ») of which a good example from the late Middle Ages is preserved in the choir ? Find a selection of definitions which will help you better understand the church and its collections.

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